As the title of this site says, I’m a seasoned software engineer with a professional journey spanning back to 2004. Throughout my career, I’ve delved into a multitude of projects and companies, honing my skills across various technologies. While my primary expertise lies in Java development, I’ve also ventured into diverse areas such as mobile web projects, where I’ve tackled tasks like crafting solutions in Wireless Markup Language (WML) for mobile websites and mastering the intricacies of HTTP for SMS gateways. Or ActionScript and flash for preparing some banner.

Consider me a full-stack developer; I’m well-versed in all aspects of software development, from crafting intuitive user interfaces to optimizing backend performance and managing databases. With a knack for designing and delivering N-tier applications, Java has been my trusty companion, although I’ve dabbled in .NET on occasion.

I have extensive experience across backend, database, server-side development, UI, UX. As a Linux enthusiast, I’ve enjoyed coding on Linux systems since 2008, leveraging its capabilities for various projects. My encounters with challenges often involved the database layer, where I’ve honed my skills in fine-tuning kernel parameters, especially related to networking and TCP, for optimal performance. Additionally, I am also ‘JVM bender’ through my adeptness in configuring Oracle and IBM JVMs, particularly during the J2EE era with WebLogic and WebSphere, and more recently with OpenJDK, Tomcat, and Spring Boot.

Below is a list of the tools/libraries and platforms that I’ve worked with so far.

Amateur - Personal

Tech Dates
Coding/programming, started with Commodore 64 Since 1994
Linux enthusiast since 1999 - first distro was Slackware, and used Redhat between 2001 and 2004 since then Debian variants, now Mint Since 1999
CVS between 2003 - 2004 at SourceForge
C, CPP, QT Since 2002
PHP under Apache and SQL Since 2003
JavaScript learned In 1999
Java learned In 2002
MySQL Since 2002
Varnish cache server user Since 2013
New Relic user Since 2012
Github user Since 2011
Node.js time to time coder Since 2018, started with this commit
Quarkus, Micronaut enthusiast Since 2019
GraalVM user Since 2018
Rust developer Since 2021


Tech Dates
C#, VB6, IIS, MSSQL Between 2004 and 2008
TSQL with MSSQL In 2004
SQL Since 2005
SVN (Subversion) Between 2006 - 2018
Java developer Since 2006
JavaScript developer Since 2006
MySQL Between 2006 and 2008
AJAX, HTTP, SPA Since 2006
IBM Websphere, DB2 Between 2008 - 2011
Websockets with Atmosphere In 2011
Netscaler load balancer management Between 2008 - 2011
Apache Ant Between 2008 - 2011
Eclipse IDE Between 2008 - 2018
Apache httpd (with and without WebLogic module, proxy module) Since 2006
PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL Between 2008-2011, 2018-2020
Spring framework, Hibernate Since 2008
jQuery Since 2010
Oracle DB SQL (including fine-tuning) Since 2011
Maven Since 2011
Atlassian Jira (used its API in multiple projects) Since 2011
JUnit (unit and integration tests) Since 2011
Spring Boot Since 2017
Artifactory (and API usage for some Spring Boot projects) Between 2018 - 2020
Oracle Coherence Between 2012-2015
Jenkins (for CI/CD) Since 2012
Splunk (log monitoring) Since 2012
SonarQube (code scanning) Since 2012
Bitbucket (for Git repo, used Bitbucket API in projects at Credit Suisse) Since 2015
Fortify (code scanning) Between 2012-2015
WebLogic administration, fine-tuning Between 2012 - 2019
IntelliJ IDEA Since 2018
Salt Stack (used for infrastructure as code) In 2018
Snyk (vulnerability scanning) Since 2018
Ansible Since 2018
ServiceNow (used since 2015, API integration with Jira in 2019) Since 2015
Atlassian Jira and Bitbucket APIs (used in Credit Suisse projects) Between 2018 - 2020 in Odyssey
Grails with Groovy Between 2018 - 2020 in Odyssey
Cucumber BDD Since 2020
Prometheus (monitoring) Since 2020
Kubernetes (CKAD certified) Since 2022
Cypress (used in development) Since 2022
React (used in development) Since 2022
Angular (used in development) Since 2022

you can find all my repositories here