How to auto merge dependabot or Finally dependabot merges automatically

It has been long time there is a very nice and sweet bot around, it is called dependabot or check

Dependabot is dependency upgrader for all projects. if you have nodejs project it updates those dependencies to latest, if you have maven same. And I have a small test framework which does spring template tests and release results, very good project for dependabot, it can fail anytime, not that important. and I have been trying to make dependabot PRs automerged.

And finally I did it. Took me around 2 months because in every config there was something else was cancelling the automerge. And here are the results

ymls for the automerge configuration

You will see auto-merge.yml and autoapprove-dependabot.yml, you need both in order to automerge. autoapprove make sure PR is approved and “auto-merge” does the merging. Do not forget to define secret “TOKEN_GIT” in your settings. Here is how it looks in PR

And here how it looks in the notification github notifications