Gatling parameterize

In order to send testing parameters from command line like below

mvn -ntp -f $retDir/gatling/pom.xml gatling:test -Dusers=2000 -Drepeat=3

these users and repeat can be used from load scala like below

class LoadTest extends Simulation {

	val nbUsers = Integer.getInteger("users", 1000)
	val myRepeat = java.lang.Long.getLong("repeat", 2)

	val httpProtocol = http.baseUrl("http://localhost:8080")

	val scn = scenario("hello").repeat(myRepeat.toInt) {

			rampUsers(nbUsers) during (5 seconds)

that test will send nbUsers of request to localhost:8080/hello myRepeat times, For full file check and how to call it from here